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Mother’s & Sons: Mother’s Day 2012.


Babies giggle

Recently I read a piece of trivia that stated babies laugh 300 times a day. It is true. I am fortunate and blessed to be able to see my granddaughter often. She laughs at me, she laughs at her grandpa, she laughs at herself, she laughs at her reflection in the mirror. The world for a baby is so simple: happy or angry, hungry or full, tired or wide awake, and curious of everything. There are no worries. Babies have not yet developed the concept of time and do not worry about the future. Babies live in the very moment that they are.

Can I learn a lesson from my granddaughter? Can I begin to live more in the moment and less in the past? Or not anxious about tomorrow?

For the time being, I will enjoy spending time with her and treasure the moments when she is just so tickled with herself that she giggles.

Welcome to Quoi de Neuf?


I’m so glad you landed on my blog. I’m nervous and excited about this new venture. This blog is without an agenda. I may write about my children, my faith, music, politics, or the bunny rabbit in my backyard. That is why the color theme is “spectrum.” It is not a mommy blog or a recipe blog. Now, having said that there is no particular agenda, that does not mean that I am unbiased. Almost everything I say will be biased to my outlook on the world. I have been formed by many events and I am still a work in progress.

A few words about the name of the blog. It is surprisingly difficult to find an original name for a blog. So I started typing in various phrases in French, and quoineuf was accepted and I jumped on it before it could be taken by another aspiring blogger. Now if you are a Francophile you will know that I butchered the phrase and you may be cringing and all I can say is je m’excuse. If you read this and wonder “what is a Francophile?” no worries, you are not a Francophile.

Quoi de neuf? translates roughly to the American phrase “What’s up?” If you must know the literal translation it means “What’s new?”  I hope to bring new ways of looking at old things to your screen.

So, again, I am so glad you landed here. Come back often. Give me feedback because I like healthy discussion.

Most people have a certain way to do things. Take for instance washing the dishes. The old-fashioned way. This is how I do it (the way my mom did it).

I put on my apron (this is fairly new to the routine–being a grandma it just seemed right). Then I scrape off any bits of food from the pans and plates. I sort the dishes into groups: glasses, coffee mugs, silverware, bowls, plates, cooking utensils, pans and baking pans. Once everything is sorted, I clean the double sink, fill up the left sink with warm sudsy water and fill up the right sud with hot water. I lay a dish towel out on the counter.

First I wash the glasses and cups, then the silverware. Next I wash the bowls and plates. Why, you ask? Well, I wash the tableware before the cooking ware to keep the basin free of grease. Then I was the cooking utensils, the skillets and sauce pans, and last the cookie sheets and pizza pans. They sometimes need to soak.

I rinse the dishes in the right basin and place the clean dishes on the towel to air dry. I usually change the water once, in between the tableware and the cooking ware.

So, how does this represent day-to-day life? The very first thing I do before getting out of bed is that I put on my diamond ring and my box chain with a St. Benedict medal and a St. Padre Pio medal. Then I put on my glasses. This is like the apron because they are essential to the start of my day. The medals go on with a short prayer to keep me from “getting wet.”  Then I sort things out. I have to work today and I have x number of meetings and the weather outside is so and so. It helps me decide on my clothes and shoes for the day. I sort out if there are doctor appointments or social commitments.

Next I do my morning ablutions, preparing myself for the day. Then I lay out my clothes and get dressed. Finally everything is ready for ‘the robbery proper.’

I open the door, venture outside to begin my day. Most days are similar, just like my bowls and plates are similar. At the end of the day, I return home and deal with the greasy items, everything unexpected that happened while I was at work. I sort the events out and finally, some issues just need to soak.

How do you wash the dishes? Does it mirror your personality?

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